Do you need a media streaming device if you have a smart TV?

If you bought a brand new smart TV or thinking about buying a smart TV and wondering if you need to buy a media streaming device like Roku, Amazon Firestick or Google Chromecast, you are in the right place.

So do you need a smart media streaming device if you have a smart TV?

The short answer is No, you do not need a separate streaming device like Roku, Amazon Firestick or Google Chromecast to stream video to your TV.

Even though the answer is Yes, there are reasons for you to think about whether you need a streaming device or not.

Reasons for getting a streaming device like Amazon firestick or Google Chromecast or Apple TV

  1. These streaming devices are from big tech companies that go through lots of updates and is normally bug-free, fast and feature-rich.
  2. These devices are normally much faster and easy to use and also you can control most features of these streaming devices from your phone

Related questions:

What does a smart tv do that a regular tv doesn’t?

Normal TV is not connected to the Internet and it just displays whatever comes through its input, so basically it is a dumb device. But it is currently difficult to find a non-smart TV, these days.

A smart TV is connected to the internet and it can get videos from the internet. You can install apps to make it do different things like playing youtube, Netflix or amazon prime. Or showing current weather or showing pictures from your google photos etc..

Can I use a smart TV as a regular TV?

Of course, you can, you can just connect your normal TV cable or an HDMI or suitable cable to use it as a regular TV

Will smart TV work without an Internet connection?

The smart features of the tv like streaming from Netflix or youtube is not going to work. But you can use it as a normal TV after the initial setup. Make a note that some Smart TV’s need an internet connection to complete the initial setup though.

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